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Kid’s malas by Sarah&Hannah are hand-knotted. A kid’s mala consists of seventy-two beads with smaller spacer beads in between. Spacer beads are the transition to next prayer bead and are not moved up across your fingers during a meditation.
Sarah&Hannah also provides kids malas consisting of one hundred and eight beads. These are also hand-knotted, but do not have spacer beads. . Our kid’s malas are an aid for children to focus on their breathing during a meditation. While meditating you move the seventy-two or hundred and eight beads through your fingers. The spacer beads and knots make a mala manoeuvrable and manageable.

The sterling silver butterfly symbolises the liberation of the soul from the earthly body. She spreads her wings and flies at high altitudes, boundless and without any restrictions. She plays and flutters in the element of air. Being able to spread their own wings, enables a child to feel the depths of being utterly free and completely oneself. A kid’s mala accompanies the child for the rest of his or her life, the pure energy from the younger year’s travels with them. Time and again, the mala will invite the child to realise its full potential and it will remind the child to flutter at any given time. Age and circumstances are not of any importance. Furthermore, the favourite stone will give the child self-confidence. For a child a gemstone is beautiful to look at, to hold and to cherish. It is a personal treasure!

When you feel your favourite stone in your hand or wear her, you can entrust her with your most precious memories and loveliest stories.

Our Kids mala is for independent use only for children from the age of six, and always under supervision of an adult. When a possible rupture occurs, some small parts may be disengaged. Therefore, a kid’s mala is never intended to be a toy and should not be used as such.
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