Mama Mala

Your happiness is the greatest gift to your baby

Your infinite, loving gifts to your baby create the growing medium /breeding ground for the rest of his/her life. Your love resides in your heart. Bring your attention to your heart by passing the beads of the Mamamala through your middle finger and thumb, one by one. With each inhalation, you can recite an affirmation that is suitable for your baby. The mala brings focus and peace. Did you know that your mood and condition even determines the taste of the amniotic fluid of which your baby takes small sips? From the 20th week of your pregnancy, your baby hears sounds and from the 30th week, it recognizes sounds it has heard before. They are committed to memory. When you let, the mala pass through your hands during a meditation, when it slides across your belly, or when you use the mala while singing mantras, your child will hear the sounds of the bell and melody of your mantras. After the birth, your baby will recognize the sounds and it will sooth him/her.

The Mamamalas of Sarah&Hannah are hand-knotted. A Mamamala consists of one hundred and eight beads. Our Mamamalas are a tool to help you focus on your breathing or to sing mantras, by moving up one of the hundred and eight beads through your fingers. Every Mamamala is connected by a sterling silver soundball.
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