What could a mala mean for you?


Meditation helps you to find inner peace and to attune to the centre of your feelings. By connecting to your heart, you can find out what you really want in life. This is a question that keeps many people busy.
A mala can help you when meditating. By holding the mala in your hands and moving up a bead after every mantra, she can give you a tangible focus.

In everyday life, when you suddenly feel tense or stressed without warning, touching the mala or moving it up around your neck, can assist you to focus on breathing. This way, returning to your breathing will become a beneficial and gentle awakening that you can practice endlessly.

As said before, a mala gains energy with every meditative round. This energy will stay with you while you are wearing or using your mala. Imagine how much energy a well-used mala will bring forth!

This also makes the mala a wonderful /magnificent heirloom. When my mother died, I inherited the ring that she got from her mother when she was a young woman.
This ring feels lovely, because she carries my mother’s energy. It is like that with a mala as well.
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