The way I work

Every mala originates is developed from my heart. Literally, because I work from the heart of the mala, the mother bead, in a circle. And figuratively, because my intention comes straight from my heart.

The designs and the making of a mala is a pure and serene process. For this, I always use my singing bowl and music. When designing and knotting a mala, a stream of creativity flows through me, from which I start working.

Malas made by Sarah&Hannah are completely hand-made and unique, so every mala is different.

One by one, I knot the malas by hand. Because of this, the malas are manoeuvrable and you can easily move the beads across your fingers. It also protects the beads from damage due to intensive use. An additional advantage is that if a mala would break, the beads will not bounce around and you will not lose any.

When the mala is completed finished, I get in touch with her by putting her on my heart. From this connection the name of the mala comes into existence.

With this, the circle is completed: the process started at the heart and ends there as well.
© Sarah&Hannah

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