The story of Sarah&Hannah

According to the tales, I was born in early spring, during an exceptional snowstorm for this time of year. This storm seemed to herald the storms I would encounter on the path of my life. After a storm in my life, I like to go give it a moments’ thought. I brush away the snow surrounding me, to get a clear view of my life path in order to continue. Only by knowing darkness I can truly value the light in my life.
Meditation helped me to come to a standstill, though I had some trouble to focus on my breathing. When I set out to find a tangible tool to aid me, I discovered the existence of malas and their function as prayer beads.

Because I have loved gemstones all my life and I can feel their energy so clearly, I decided to use gemstones to create my own mala. This activity gave me such pleasure and peace, that I talked about it to many people around me. It touched them and the ones who tried on my mala very clearly felt the intention with which she was made.

After this experience, several people asked me to make a personal mala for them, something that I have done with much love and inspiration and I still do. Every time it is an impressive experience to see, a person put on a mala that energetically suits them. The mala feels like a friend and the owner often does not want to take her off again, because it feels as if they would have to let go of part of themselves. These experiences are so valuable and inspiring to me, that I decided that I wanted to reach out to more people. This is how Sarah&Hannah came into existence. Especially in times as intense as these, with things changing so rapidly, a mala might offer one support, something familiar touchable. Besides, in darker times there is more need for love. Love is notable in my malas. This is why a mala is so precious and fitting in these times.

As a little girl, I was already highly sensitive. Furthermore, I am a strong autonomous person and I have always followed my own course. These characteristics have sometimes been in my way, but now they appear to be very valuable. For me, Sarah&Hannah is a new life path that was shown to me in a beautiful and organic way.

The name Sarah refers to my “butterfly child” and symbolises the birth of a new beginning, arisen from love and light.
© Sarah&Hannah